Life Coaching -- Because There's More

Our approach to psychotherapy and coaching involves many of the same tools; but an important difference lies in your objectives. Most clients seek therapy when they sense something is wrong. Coaching clients are more likely looking for an ongoing partnership to stop, start or strengthen behaviours that enhance performance and lead to more fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.

The process of coaching accelerates movement toward targeted goals, beginning with specific assessment tools to promote awareness of unique assets and growth areas. We help you uncover the information you need to set your objectives, then support you in implementing the tools to make change happen.

Some clients rely on coaching to help manage transitions, such as pre-retirement planning, relocation, or a new career direction. Others work with their coach to define a personal "brand," build self-confidence, or manage time and energy to reflect and respect values. Coaching typically involves monthly one-on-one sessions, supplemented with telephone consultations to monitor progress. A Certified Shadow CoachTM, Dr. Braun is able to observe you in your workplace, providing perspectives that build self-awareness of interpersonal dynamics, work styles, or assumptions that impede personal effectiveness.

Why Choose a Psychologist for Your Life Coach?

While many coach certification and accreditation programs teach techniques for coaching, preparation does not address the psychological theory and deeper understanding underlying technique. Coaches equipped only with a "tool box" can sometimes find themselves "in over their head" in situations requiring understanding of human cognitive and behavioural development. The danger lies in failure to recognize limits, thereby resulting in the possibility of engendering more harm than help to the coaching client. Without a graduate level foundation in psychology -- an understanding of human behaviour and cognitive development -- coaching may take longer... and results may not last. Hiring a psychologist as your coach just makes sense.

Parenting Strategies & Quick Consults

Becoming an effective parent is a process bringing both joys and struggles. As parents, we are sometimes so focused on the challenges of getting through the day that we lose touch with friends and support systems. We need someone to talk to confidentially, to discuss our concerns as a parent. Professional support can help you determine "is this just a phase" and - if so - offer strategies for success. If the problem is exceptional, you may need access to resources linking you with professionals in your area who can give your child the support he or she needs to succeed.
You need:

  • clear, sound answers and practical suggestions to help you meet challenges and be the successful parent you want to be;
  • a non-judgmental understanding of your real life challenges - offered by parents to parents;
  • confidential support to discuss your concerns -- over the phone or online; and
  • scheduling that works with your lifestyle - available by either phone or internet.

We can help you with...

  • Understanding your child/teen
  • Developing new parenting skills
  • Applying effective discipline techniques
  • Communicating effectively with your child
  • Integrating work and family responsibilities
  • Using your strengths to be an effective parent
  • Managing stress
  • And... if the trust is gone, where do we go from here?

Like most of you, I’m working full-time and doing my best to be a great parent and life partner. I know, too, that with the demands of everyday living we sometimes lose sight of realistic expectations and may even question our parenting skills. I recognize that every situation is unique, and I work with you to identify the most successful approach for a particular problem - and for your child specifically. We’ll process together to find solutions that fit the time available and respect resource realities - without adding to your pressures. This partnership provides a confidential, supportive environment where you will build on your own best parenting practices, discuss your fears and frustrations - and celebrate your successes! I look forward to hearing from you.

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